Focused Mind Coaching

Focused mind coaching is unique in being able to offer you insight, skills and experience from the highest level of business and sport. Combining the latest academic research and evidence-based solutions, we provide Olympic and Premiership experience to be the driving force to bring you greater success in your endeavours.

I am a Performance Psychologist working in the fields of sport and business. As the founder of Focused Mind Coaching, my purpose is to help people get their minds fitter and healthier.

  • I am a human performance expert
  • A personal trainer for the mind
  • I work to develop mindsets for individuals and teams so that they can achieve their goals

As Albert Einstein said:

You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

Your journey starts now! Are you ready to take your performance and well being to the next level? Let us help you attain your very best so you are thriving not just surviving.

Focused Mind Sport Coaching

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Interview with Sara Symington

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Interview with Peter Bromka

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Interview with Ed Caesar

Runner’s World

In the lead-up to London, I explored the mental preparation required for optimum race performance. My friend and clubmate, performance psychologist Stuart Holliday, recommended reading The Chimp Paradox

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Daily Telegraph

While the research confirms the link between endorphins and runner’s high, it also shows that athletes experience the high in different ways. Some feel “calm” while others report “extreme euphoria”. 

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Breathe magazine

Performance coach and psychologist Stuart Holliday nods when he hears that cycling acolytes reach for words like meditative when describing what it it is that they get from cycling.”

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