Focused Mind Coaching is passionate about improving individual and team performance. With over 8 years of insight, skills and experience in Olympic, Premiership sport, and leading Global businesses, we help adapt your thinking to perform more consistently with confidence for success.

Headquartered in London but providing psychology solutions to individuals and teams around the world, I collaborate with clients to improve their mindset and focus, whether they are in the sport, business or performance world through both face-to-face and online consultations.

I am a Chartered psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society  so all interactions are underpinned by the highest accredited training, science and supervision that you can trust.

  • I am a human performance expert
  • A personal trainer for the mind
  • I provide mindset conditioning and training to help you adapt, focus your mind and fulfil your potential to achieve your goals.

As Albert Einstein said:

You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

Your journey starts now! Are you ready to take your performance and well being to the next level? Let us help you attain your very best so you are thriving not just surviving.

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Dr Duncan Simpson
Episode 16

Interview with Dr Duncan Simpson

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How to wind down and restore your energy over Christmas

Focused Mind coaching is all about allowing yourself to be in the best state of mind for performance and life, however, in 2020, our ability to do that has been challenged to the core. We know that the best athletes not only train hard but also take plenty of rest and recovery to allow their […]

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The Focused Mind Podcast – Ed Caesar

A week after the launch of ’The Moth and the Mountain’, I’m re-visiting an interview from 18 months ago recorded with Ed Caesar about the new book, his journalistic work for the New Yorker, and as an author in his first book, 2 hours. In February 2019, Ed and I met as he was in […]

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Runner’s World

In the lead-up to London, I explored the mental preparation required for optimum race performance. My friend and clubmate, performance psychologist Stuart Holliday, recommended reading The Chimp Paradox

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