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Whether you are an individual competitor, a team, or a coach, are you fulfilling your potential in your discipline? Do you know you’ve got more in you and want assistance to transform your thinking to reach the target you’re striving for? Do you have trouble reaching or staying within your ideal performance state of mind?

We have experience delivering tailored talks and workshops to both the highest level of sport and amateurs alike. To see the standard and delivery of training, please take the time to watch the video of a workshop Stuart gave to a group of athletes on the psychological and emotional skills for endurance running at the Asics HQ store in London in November 2018 below and get in touch to discuss your needs.

1 to 1 Development

I have seen with many athletes across different sports, that regardless of talent, it is the mindset that needs attention. It can be difficult to admit as much and know where to turn. We offer a confidential, anonymous but 100% client centred approach that can help you or your team with the change/s required. Whether that’s to improve your confidence, focus, resilience or consistency, we have worked across both individual and team sports with elite performers in sports as diverse as:

Football, Rugby League, Netball, Athletics, Triathlon, Cycling, Swimming, Weightlifting, Archery, Shooting, Fencing and Golf.

Think about the kind of advantage you would have over your opponents if your inner game was at it’s optimum and the impact that could have on your performance to help you move from good to great.

What does a mind coach do? (How Sport Psychology and Performance Coaching works)

Organisations I have helped transform include: Liverpool FC AcademyTeam GB Olympic ArcheryEngland Netball.

How It Works
All programmes include:

  • Induction: I find out all about you, your challenges, your goals and how we will work together to help you.
  • 2-hour kick-off session: This is where we identify where you want to go, where you currently are and start to put the steps in place to help you get there.
  • On-going support: Access via email, Whatsapp and phone for any urgent questions or support you need to continue your work before the next session.
  • Each week you get up to 1-hour for progress meetings: We meet or have telephone/electronic contact to review your progress, the work you have done and identify the next steps for your progress.
  • Closing session, review and action planning for your future.

Please contact us for our rates, more information or to discuss programmes that will work for you:

For a free 30 minutes Skype/FaceTime taster session, email or call us today on focusedmindcoaching at or 07956 382936.

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