Focused Business

The Focused Business package provides performance psychology services for individuals, management and teams who want to enhance their performance and mindset in order to fulfil potential.

Team Performance Psychology Talks and Workshops

Working in a high-pressure environment can be demanding and put a strain on team performance. Focused Mind Coaching works with small to global businesses, providing tailored performance psychology talks and workshops. Our talks and workshops are designed to improve the collective mindset and enhance the sustainability of team performance.

Watch the video below to understand the benefits of Focused Business mindset conditioning.

1 to 1 Development

Managing your own performance and inner game is a crucial element to your potential success and growth. Along with team performance psychology, Focused Mind Coaching delivers 1-to-1 coaching consultations. 

We deliver performance psychology for any stage of your development, whether you want to grow your business, develop your mindset to perform under high pressure or simply grow in confidence. Our Focused Business Programme identifies what is stopping you or your organisation from having a fitter, healthier and productive mindset.

Watch the video of Ostereo CEO, Howard Murphy, explain how executive 1 to 1 coaching helped him improve his focus and mindset.

Who I Have Worked With

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NHS Manchester Foundation Trust



Royal Northern College of Music

Manchester Metropolitan University

How it Works

All programmes include:

  • Induction: I find out all about the individual or team, the challenges, goals and how best we will work together
  • 2-hour kick-off session: Here we identify where you want to go, where you currently are, what blockers may be stopping you; then start to put the steps in place to help you achieve your goals and aspirations
  • Ongoing support: Contact via email, WhatsApp, and phone for any urgent support you need to continue your work before the next session
  • Weekly progress meetings: We review your progress, the work you have done and identify the next steps for your progress
  • Closing session: We reflect, review, and provide an action plan for you to feel 100% that you can manage whatever may arise in the future.

If you would like a free 30 minute online taster session or more information on rates and programmes please click here to make contact.

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