Interview with Ben Rosario

Ben Rosario is the Hoka NAZ Elite Head Coach and Exec Director.

He has led the NAZ since its formation in 2017. A Hoka-sponsored team of elite men and women who live and train at altitude in Flagstaff, Arizona. Since the team’s formation, over 10 of their athletes have had top 10 finishes in World major marathons (as well as a plethora of top-end results in cross country and other major race distance events). In Aliphine Tuliamuk, they had the 2020 Olympic trials champion and at Boston, last Patriots day, Steph Bruce in her last major marathon appearance, placed 12th lady (and 2nd American woman). NAZ alumni include Scott Fauble, who was the top US men’s finisher in the same race (9th place), and the group’s reputation has grown since Ben co-wrote the story of Scott’s journey to another top 10 finish (in the New York marathon) previously ‘Inside a marathon’. Most recently, Ben co-wrote with top Sports writer Matt Fitzgerald, the tips and training techniques Matt gained from spending 16 weeks as an amateur training with the squad, following their training methods to pass on to all runners in their latest book: “Train like a pro, even if you’re slow.” As a result of this, Matt PB’d in his following (2017) Chicago marathon at the age of 46. So they’re doing something right up in the thin air of Northern Arizona! The team’s motto is Train HARD. Race FEARLESSLY. Share EVERY part of the journey. I was fortunate enough to visit Ben and interview him face to face the week after the book came out to talk about coaching, Sport Psychology, mindset, motivation, and how training your mental fitness can benefit your running and sport.

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