The Leadership of You – Develop your Psychological Edge in 2021

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Is 2021 already proving to be mentally challenging? With lockdown, homeschooling, dark mornings and early evenings it is easy to be fatigued as well as the normal work stack.

More people are feeling that trying to ‘tame the tiger’s tail’ means they are unable to give their all to family, work and life. We help train people’s mental ‘fitness’ with performance psychology, as they do their physical fitness, using our experience of the highest pressures at both Olympic and Premiership levels to bring a performance edge and take greater ownership of your success with mindset training.

To experience for yourself, book a free half-hour taster session to see how Focused Mind Coaching can help you ‘Develop your Psychological Edge,’ and manage your mind better. We are offering a 6-week program for people like you.

This is an opportunity to grow and develop the capacity to cope and thrive under pressure. Let Focused Mind Coaching be the engine to drive you forward to help you develop, learn how to shift your mindset, and maximize your potential.

What’s included?

  • A free taster session over Zoom to understand our methods, ask questions, and ensure the right fit with our Psychologist.
  • 6 week course. Sessions held once a week via Zoom.
  • Individual, team or mixed group courses available.
  • Follow up check-in 3 months post course to ensure you’re on track and get support if need be.

Book your free taster session today and discover your psychological edge

Course testimonials

Howard Murphy – CEO of Ostereo

How it works – Your 6 week schedule

Week 1 Introduction, requirements, foundations, and goal setting

In the first week we complete a full understanding of your needs for what you want to achieve, your goals for the course, and dig into your rationale and motivation as well as specific areas for development.

Week 2Debrief and analysis

Having completed Spotlight and VIA Strengths profiles after week 1, we debrief your results to understand your unique set of strengths, mindset and behaviour style to make greater use of your existing talents and skills to tackle your goals generated in Week 1.

Week 3Maximising your strengths

This session develops practical methods and skills to help you be more resilient and harness your inner leader to ‘turn off’ or limit any noise or distractions and navigate your challenges by better use of your personal strengths.

Week 4 Clearing the blockers

Understanding your areas for development we identify any possible trip hazards, blind spots and bear traps over the upcoming year that might stop or slow you down in achieving your goals and development.

Week 5 Creating a personal philosophy to handle pressure

Now you have a personal toolkit, we use this session to more clearly revisit your initial roadmap. Using your Spotlight findings, we develop a unique personal philosophy and other tools to be able to mentally refocus under pressure when your resilience will be most tested.

Week 6 Final session – Adaptability and focus

In the final session we review your progress over the previous 6 weeks and how you navigated the challenges faced outside of the classroom, so that you have the confidence to independently achieve your goals with a new framework, toolkit, and thinking for the upcoming year.

Additional features & take homes 

Often when we complete a course we feel inspired and feel the ‘bounce’ effect for a week then revert back to our old habits and ways. 

The Focused Mind Coaching course is different. We want you to walk away with lasting and beneficial changes and tools that will help you over the long term that you can use on your own with confidence. We equip you to be able to handle whatever you will face.

  • You keep your 18-page personalized Spotlight profile and 5-page VIA Strengths results which are living, breathing frameworks for you to navigate the challenges you will face. 
  • You keep your personal roadmap created in Week 1 of your current and ‘to be’ life so you can monitor progress and work towards your goals.
  • We record the final Zoom session so that you can watch back to more easily remember your growth and capture any key action points to use in 2021 and beyond.
  • Lifetime membership and access to the Focused Mind Podcast and limited edition, member-only featurettes. 
  • A complimentary follow-up half-hour Zoom call, 3-months after the course ensures accountability and to check that you’re on track or top up your learning. 

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At all times your welfare is our greatest concern. We will never compromise your confidentiality or share your details. Our accredited Psychologists are regulated by and abide by the BPS Code of conduct and ethics.

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