Why Use Performance Coaching?

Successful individuals are self aware and thrive by self management and ownership of their performance and their emotions. But we all suffer setbacks and challenges along the way. A session or series of sessions with me aims to help you get back on track.  However well you are functioning, it is sometimes necessary to have someone independent on your side to help ensure:

– You are on track towards your objectives.
– That these objectives are clearly outlined.
– You have legislated for anything that could impact on you delivering the results you want.

I ensure you know and are maximising your super-strengths and coach you in areas of improvement.

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Thought leadership links by Stuart Holliday:
https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/new-year-time-exercise-your-brain-stuart-holliday – Time to exercise mind as well as body? (January 2017).

https://medium.com/@focusedmind/the-learning-culture-at-athletic-bilbao-part-1-676b8189f53d – How to optimise an organisational learning environment. Case study of work with Athletic Bilbao FC (February 2017).

https://medium.com/@focusedmind/preparingforsuccess-4dc708f91303#.6fwdvtfk6 – How to prepare for success by building a mental plan for performance, whatever your field or specialism (March 2017).

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